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Good Reasons to Read Customer Reviews on Car Rental Companies

When you rent a vehicle to go on a long trip, it is imperative to be confident in the rental car company that is providing you with the rental. There are hundreds of thousands of rental car companies across the country. Some of the companies are major chains and have locations all across the nation; and others are smaller companies that are family run or owned and operated by employees. When you take the time to perform a comparison on how the various rental car companies have been reviewed and rated by previous customers, you will be able to have confidence in the decision you make when you do select a company to rent a vehicle from.

Reading customer reviews from rental companies can provide you with a wealth of information that can help you to make the best decision possible. You’ll be able to discover which rental companies are known for prompt customer service and professionalism. You will also find out how quickly you can reach an actual agent or customer service representative, as opposed to getting the run around with automated systems all day.

These things may seem minor until you need something urgently from your rental company, or until you have a breakdown on the road in a rental car. When something like this happens, it is imperative that you are able to get a hold of a professional, helpful, and live customer service agent who can assist you in finding a rapid solution. Being able to get a customer service rep on the phone quickly can also affect your safety and the safety of your family if you are traveling in a rental car that breaks down on the road. If the company offers roadside assistance as part of the contract, you can read customer reviews and discover how quickly each company reacts when something unpredictable happens.

Customer reviews can be found online and in traveling magazines. Online access may be the easiest way to read many different reviews so you can determine which car rental companies in your area provide the best service, the smoothest-running vehicles, and the lowest rates. Traveling websites and websites that feature review of major companies are a good place to start to begin your review comparison process.

You may also consider reading reviews on which car rental companies offer promotional codes, coupons, and online discounts. This can help you to obtain the best rates possible for your rental car. In addition to reviewing these issues for car rentals, reviews are also written about car rental companies that offer free upgrades if the car you reserved is not available when you arrive to check it out.

Although it can take a few hours to thoroughly read several reviews on various car rental companies, you will be able to save yourself time and money in the long run by selecting a company that is professional and operates to high standards.

On Buying Car Rental Insurance

I was talking to a friend of mine who is the manager of car rental franchise in Mexico. I happen to know her for many years and I was surprised to hear that every time she travels to the US or, anywhere for that matter, and rents a car she always buys all the insurance being offered. Why do you that? I asked. And her response was: “I don’t want any problems whatsoever and paying a few extra dollars is worth it in this case because it gives me peace of mind and lets me enjoy and concentrate on the reason for my trip”, which in her case is shopping and as we all know that is a very involved affair that needs all your concentration and bargain-hunting abilities.

Now, my friend has been in the car rental business for many years, longer than I know her, and I don’t think that she has ever worked anywhere else but the car rental industry, so she knows the business inside out, and she is savvy about spending her money, so it seems to me as solid and powerful an argument for buying car insurance from the rental company as you are going to find.

Of course, there are many ways to be protected, if not from accidents to happen, at least from the expense involved… you can use your own policy which is likely to cover, at least in part, the cost you may have to incur, and at times it does not include all, or you can buy special insurance before your trip, or you can rely on the insurance that may come with the use of a credit card, and so on. However, if you just want to the least amount of problems than buying the coverage at the rental counter is the way to go. With any insurance policy you will be required to fill out forms and possibly follow up with calls, etc. Good luck trying to make effective the coverage offered by the credit card as it may take some doing. With the coverage purchased at the counter you may have to complete an accident report and, in all likelihood, you’ll never hear anything else about it. That has been what I have seen, in most cases anyway. You simply walk away.

Now if you are renting in a foreign country, then the choice becomes clearer because if you do not purchase the coverage and are involved in accident – something much more likely to happen since you are in unfamiliar territory – you will be required to pay for any damage immediately, regardless of any insurance coverage you may have. The car rental company is not likely to let you walk away with a promise of payment from your insurance, and this can lead to a most uncomfortable situation, as you can imagine.

There is another factor seldom considered, which is loss of revenue, defined as the revenue lost while the car is unavailable for rental. I see this more clearly in the following example. I am ABC Car Rental and I have a fleet of ONE car which is rented to you. You are involved in an accident which requires the car to be repaired and be out of service for a month. You will cover all the repairs, you say, so I shouldn’t worry. But I do worry because I am not able to rent the car for a month and where will I get the revenue to pay the rent, and other expenses. That is loss of revenue. I am not sure whether all insurance companies cover this risk or not, but for sure credit card coverage does not.

If you happen to incur an accident you will have to file an insurance claim with your insurance company which may cause your premiums to rise and thus wipe out any savings realized by not purchasing coverage at the rental counter.

Saving on Your Next Long Term Car Rental

Like with most things in life, the better you plan your car rental requirements, the better value for money you can expect to get from the monthly car hire. In this post we share some of the key areas that will show you where to look in order to find the best long term car rental deal for your needs.

Without any further a due herewith our recommendations for saving money on your next long term car rental.

1. What type of car do you need? – There are different cars available on long term car hire, knowing what car you need can save you from paying a higher price for a car you do not really need. For example if you are in Johannesburg on your own and only need a car to get from point A to point B, a smaller more fuel efficient car will help you save on both rental and fuel charges.

2. Is long term car hire covered under your current insurance? – Phone your insurance and find out if you are covered for rental cars, if you are then there is no need to pay for insurance twice.

3. Plan and know more or less what your daily traveling requirements are – Monthly car hire companies charge different rates for different daily traveling requirements. It is a good idea to be honest with yourself and them upfront, because there are penalties involved with exceeding on your daily travel limit.

4. Drive the car in a fuel efficient manner – Drive the car with respect and do not let the refs run to high – research have shown that by just driving your car more fuel efficiently, you can end up saving hundreds, if not thousands on your monthly fuel spend. Also it is recommended that you avoid driving during peak hours, this will save you from frustration and wasting petrol while idling in the traffic.

5. What extras do you need? – There is all kinds of extras that you can take with your monthly car rental deal including a GPS and Baby Car Chair.

The above mentioned points will help you save money on your next long term car hire. It is important to plan your trip well in advance. Most airlines, car rental companies and hotels will give you some sort of special rate for booking in advance. Plan your requirements and make your bookings as soon as possible to avoid being left with a far from cost effective monthly car hire.

Dollar Saving Tips on your Next Car Rental

One of the biggest vacation expenses is a rental car. Below are a few suggestions on how you can save money on your next rental car.

If you are flying to your vacation destination and have booked the flight either online or through a travel agency, you can more than likely get a discount on your rental car if you book it as part of the package. The majority of car rental companies collaborate with at least one airline to provide frequent flyer miles or other types of rewards when you rent a car. In addition, many airlines offer incentive and bonus programs where you get extra miles or extra credit, so be sure to inquire about these programs when making your reservation.

When choosing your rental car, a compact or subcompact economy car is usually less expensive than a full size sedan or minivan. Therefore, selecting an economy will not only be less expensive, but you will also get better gas mileage thus saving on gas expenses.

If you need a large sedan, SUV or minivan for the comfort of your family, it is well worth your time to shop around. There is usually a high demand for these types of vehicles and therefore a larger price tag. Travel related web sites are a good place to start your research to familiarize yourself with the average price in your vacation area.

The duration of the rental will have an influence on the cost as well. Weekly rentals are usually far less costly than a daily rate spread over a week. Therefore, if your vacation plans are for a week or more, be sure to inquire about special rates. If you are taking a weekend vacation, many companies offer weekend specials on certain makes and models of their cars.

In addition, a number of national car companies and local smaller companies rent their used cars for much less than a new car from a rental agency. In most instances, these cars are only a few years old and provide the same protection as a new car.

For the business traveler, joining a frequent renter club, or using the same rental car company each time, is a great way to get some special coupons and some very good deals that you could use for the family vacation.

Most people purchase car insurance from the rental agency. Usually, this is not necessary. If you have purchased your rental car on your credit car, you may already have coverage as part of your credit card plan. In addition, as an automobile owner, you car insurance may provide coverage for rental cars. Therefore, it is necessary for you to check your credit card plan and automobile insurance, if you are covered, then purchasing insurance from the rental car agency is not necessary.

10 Must Know Tips For Hassle Free Car Rental

Renting a car for personal or business trips has become easy with the advent of the World Wide Web. There are many car rental agencies and directories online, and so one can rent a car of choice without blinking an eye.

For many of us renting a car can be a hassle and cause tensions if things go haywire at the last minute. Here are a few tips that can make car rental hassle free:

1. Try and firm up travel plans and make your reservation at least a week in advance. If you book early you will get better rates. And, many car rental companies offer discounts for bookings made online.

2. Choose the car rental company carefully. Use comparison tools available on several websites to compare rates, service, and different vehicles.

3. Read through the contract and make sure you find out what the terms and conditions of cancelling a booking are. Also determine who is responsible for filling gas and what happens if there is a break down.

4. Protect your own interest by insisting on a thorough check before you get into the car and one when you return it. This way you will not be charged for dents and such when you return the car.

5. Try and use the same company whenever you need to rent a car. Most car rental online sites have loyalty programs and offer great discounts as well as quick service to repeat customers.

6. Determine when the car was last serviced and whether the car insurance and other permits are all in order.

7. If your auto insurance does not cover rental cars consider taking car rental insurance. Before you take an auto insurance policy try and review the plan with regard to provisions, limitations, and exclusions. Find out the extent of liability coverage.

8. When filling the form give all relevant details: how many travelers will there be; are there any children; where you will be going; when you will return the car and where and so on.

9. Keep documentation is proof of ID, credit card, and driver’s license handy. Find out whether you need any further permissions or permits where you intend to drive. Different states within the US and different countries abroad have their own unique set of rules.

10. Find out whether vehicles picked up at an airport incur extra costs; ask if the company you are renting the car from offers free pick up and drop options; find out what the company’s 24?7 emergency contact numbers are; ask about roadside assistance and what the working hours of the company’s offices are.