Teens view driving as a rite of passage but it is more a responsibility than an entitlement. Driving requires knowledge and skills that are not inherent to most people, particularly during the teenage years. This makes it important to learn from an authoritative source. The best way for teens to learn proper driving skills and techniques is for them to take driving lessons.

Preparation Methods for Teen Drivers

The recommended way for teens to equip themselves for time behind the wheel is to be prepared. This equates to spending time learning and mastering the rules of the road, both in writing and through practice. Though it may be easy for teens to ask their parents about driving regulations and behind-the-wheel techniques, parents do not always provide accurate information or model desired behavior.

Teens are much better prepared for roadway experiences when they learn from a professional. Driving schools are staffed by individuals who know the latest regulations and have the time and patience to teach new drivers how to safely operate vehicles during different road, traffic, and weather conditions. Many parents prefer to have their teens learn from one of these experts because they know the driving instructors will provide the safest and most comprehensive instruction.

What Teen Drivers Should Expect

No teen should enter a driving school expecting things to be easy. There is much to learn and practice and driving instructors take their work seriously. They make teens practice new skills repeatedly to ensure these are mastered. Most instructors take an incremental approach to learning, building upon each skill learned previously so teens eventually exhibit all of the behaviors required for safe driving practices.

At a good driving school, the instructors provide feedback that is honest, yet constructive. They tell a student what he or she did wrong and provide instructions for improvement. Then, they have the student practice the proper technique until it becomes automatic and error-free. Repeated, hands-on practice behind the wheel of a car is the best way to learn how to drive.

Parents of teens who are eager to hit the road should enroll their children in driving school. By leaving instruction in the hands of the professionals, parents ensure that their teens receive the best driver education available. A price cannot be placed on learning good driving skills at a young age because you never get a second chance to avoid an automobile accident.


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